Lassmann-rapporten: Det internationale panels evaluering af Milena Penkowas forskningsproduktion

I sommeren 2011 nedsatte KU et uafhængigt internationalt panel, som fik til opgave at gennemgå Milena Penkowas forskning med henblik på uredelighed. Panelets arbejde er nu afsluttet, og der er udarbejdet en rapport. Den blev offentliggjort på et pressemøde 7. august 2012, og kan downloades nedenfor.

Rapportens formål har alene været at undersøge Milena Penkowas forskning. Panelet konkluderer, at der er mistanke om uredelighed fra Milena Penkowa i 15 videnskabelige artikler. Københavns Universitet vil gerne understrege, at rapporten udelukkende omhandler Milena Penkowas forskning og ikke udtaler kritik af hendes medforfattere. 


Investigation into the research of Milena Penkowa


Bilag til kapitel 1

1.1 Milena Penkowa’s statement of 11 July 2012 with her comments to the Panel’s investigation
1.2 Report on visit 7 May 2012 of The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty to
the archive holding the materials from Milena Penkowa’s lab and office
1.3 The Panel’s comments to Dr. Penkowa’s statement of 11 July 2012 concerning the
Panel’s investigation 

Bilag til kapitel 2

2.1 The basis for the investigation
2.1.1 Terms of Reference for the investigation
2.1.2 Process plan for the investigation
2.1.3 Overview of scientific papers co-authored by Milena Penkowa

2.3 The process
2.3.1 Letter from KU to Milena Penkowa, informing about the initiation of the investigation
2.3.2 Letter from KU to co-authors, informing about the initiation of the investigation
2.3.3 Brief description of the process of the conducted survey among the co-authors
2.3.4 Minutes from the Panel’s meeting with KU 10 October 2011
2.3.5 Minutes from the Panel’s panel-internal meeting 10-11 October 2011
2.3.6 Overview of the scientific papers co-authored by Milena Penkowa, split in 3 tables: Table 1: the 79 papers which the Panel has assessed in detail, table 2: the 6 papers which have been reported to Police or DCSD, table 3: the 23 book chapters, reviews, abstracts, conference proceedings and retractions, which the Panel decided to not investigate.
2.3.7 The (blank) assessment form
2.3.8 Overview of types of documentation searched for, on animal experiments, procedures and more
2.3.9 Note with Milena Penkowa’s remarks on the archive holding the items from her lab and office. Received by email 6 April 2012.
2.3.10 Minutes from the Panel’s meeting 11-13 April 2012

Bilag til kapitel 3

3.1 Result of the conducted survey
3.1.1 Statistics on the result of the survey The questionnaire responses, organised in an operational form (4 files): The enclosures to the questionnaire responses, received from co-authors, incl. a file with overview of the enclosures:

3.2 The found documentation, incl. list of the papers for which further documentation has been sought
3.2.1 List of the 26 papers selected by the Panel for further investigation (Bibliographic data)
3.2.2 Overview of the found keys and samples that with some probability are relevant for the selected papers, i.e. overviews of keys, selected papers, found samples, and overview of experiments for which keys were searched for. Specification/catalogue on the found samples and their possible relations to the selected papers. Report on the Panel’s examination of the freezers in the MP archive. Copies of the found key sheets, lab protocols and photos. One file for each of 23 of the 26 selected papers, with:
- a table indicating basic data on the paper, the wanted documentation and the
found documentation - copy of the found key-sheets, lab protocols, photos and other obtained material. Please note that short handwritten text in “[brackets]” in the scanned key-sheets is inserted by the Secretariat.
Concerning the further 3 selected papers, see annex 3.2.8.

  1. Found documentation for A5
  2. Found documentation for A8
  3. Found documentation for A13
  4. Found documentation for A16
  5. Found documentation for A33
  6. Found documentation for A38
  7. Found documentation for A40
  8. Found documentation for A56
  9. Found documentation for A63
  10. Found documentation for A69
  11. Found documentation for A84
  12. Found documentation for A90
  13. Found documentation for A96
  14. Found documentation for A104
  15. Found documentation for A106
  16. Found documentation for A108
  17. Found documentation for A124
  18. Found documentation for A136
  19. Found documentation for A138
  20. Found documentation for A140
  21. Found documentation for A143
  22. Found documentation for A207
  23. Found documentation for A211 Report from Bente Klarlund Pedersen on 6 of the papers selected by the Panel Supplementary comment from a co-author to Bente Klarlund Pedersen’s report Report on procedure instructions and data sheets on antibodies found 20 April 2012 in the MP archive The list of contents and a few of the datasheets from the folders in the MP archive with datasheets on antibodies. Examples of sheets with staining instructions from an unlabelled black folder in the MP archive. Description of the Danish regulation/legislation for animal welfare in animal experiments and of rules at Department of Experimental Medicine at SUND (the Faculty of Health Sciences) Report on practice for documenting animal experiments and lab work in Milena Penkowa’s group at SUND (the Faculty of Health Sciences) Memorandum on Research quality control procedures at MPs department received 8 April 2012 from Albert Gjedde, Head of Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology National rules on human health experiments and overview of permissions involved in the papers Overview of Milena Penkowa’s animal experiment permissions and their contents Overview of Milena Penkowa’s animal journals and their contents for the years 1999-2000 and 2003-2009 Overview of Milena Penkowa’s dyrebogsdagbog (“animal-book-diary”) and their contents for 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009, including comparisons with the animal journals Overview of the found project plans of Milena Penkowa and their contents Overview of the found animal requisitions of Milena Penkowa and their contents Brief report on search for documentation for animals obtained by Milena Penkowa in 2000-2002 including overview of invoices found on animal purchases and external animal housing/immunisation/maintenance of strains, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
3.2.8 Report on investigation of the documentation on the animal experiments conducted for the 3 selected papers A73, A208, A302.
3.2.9 Information on Milena Penkowa’s employment responsibilities and group members.

3.3 Minutes from Panel’s meetings with key-actors 12 April 2012
3.3.1 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Lab technicians Hanne Hadberg and Pernille
3.3.2 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Associate professor Jørgen Kurtzhals
3.3.3 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Professor Marianne Juhler
3.3.4 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Dean Ulla Wewer and Head of Department, Professor Ole William Petersen
3.3.5 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm
3.3.6 Minutes from Panel’s SKYPE meeting with Head of Department, Professor Albert Gjedde
3.3.7 Minutes from Panel’s meeting with Milena Penkowa.

Bilag til kapitel 4

4.1 The Panel’s assessments of the individual papers
4.1.1 Assessment forms for the papers, for which the Panel has found suspicion of potentially intentional scientific dishonesty of Milena Penkowa
4.1.2 Assessment forms for the papers, for which the Panel has not found basis for raising suspicion of potentially intentional scientific dishonesty of Milena Penkowa.