Buidling universities

Building Stronger Universities

A podcast series about research capacity development and environmental health research at the State University of Zanzibar

For more than a decade, the research capacity development programme ‘Building Stronger Universities’ has strengthened higher education institutions in Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Nepal. This podcast series zooms in on and explores the story, experiences, and results of the partnership between Danish universities and the State University of Zanzibar. What are the results of this unique development cooperation? And how has it impacted the individual researchers’ careers and the university and the society as a whole?

Join me on a trip to Zanzibar where I interview four researchers who are working on solutions to some of the islands’ most urgent environmental health challenges, such as mosquito borne viral infections, food and plastic waste at tourist hotels, and pollution of the marine environment.

About the podcast

Host: Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf, University of Copenhagen’s School of Global Health

Editing technician: Christian Grimes Schmidt, University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Online and Blended Learning

‘Building Stronger Universities’ is produced by University of Copenhagen’s School of Global Health and Centre for Online and Blended Learning. The podcast is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Contact: Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf, mortenmn@sund.ku.dk